Friday, May 10, 2013

Three is the Magic Number

"Is she still staring at us?"
Afternoon Readers,

I'd just to take a moment to state that the new Peanut Butter Toast Crunch tastes a little odd.

Now then, between bites of this slightly-off cereal, let's throw a group,"Happy Birthday" out to a pair of twins who are a constant source of fascination and interesting fashion choices.

Oh, wait. No, the Olsen twins aren't twenty-seven until June.

Well, that's ok, because it just so happens that Butch and Sundance turn three today. That's right, three years of semi-successful parenting, three years of random yet acceptable blog content, and three years of having the best kids in the entire world. I tend to be a little biased because they look freakishly like me and can make a mean Koolaid/ bagel swamp at mealtimes.

So, what advancements did they make this past year?

  • Learned to speak in complete sentences and revealed that he's had a stunning inner monologue going since, roughly, 2011.
  • Proved that he can now clothe himself, and is, as it turns out, a fairly snappy dresser.
  • Can now fight with his sister about pretty much anything.
  • Has the endurance to fight with his sister for an entire day.
  • Loves Spongebob, Mr. Potato Head, drawing, and taking apart anything that has parts. The dvd player will be missed.
  • Is extremely neat, doesn't make messes with food, and insists all underwear should be worn backwards, respectively.
  • Still likes to cuddle with me, but won't hesitate to occasionally slap me on the butt because he doesn't yet value his life. 
  • She's been speaking for a lot longer than her brother, but furthered her grasp of the English language by learning to talk back. To everything. She does earn points for articulation, however. And those will roll over into the next year.
  • She's also a snappy dresser the sense that stripes, tutus, tights, mismatched shoes, shirts as skirts, my shirts as dresses, stray bras, jackets paired with underwear and high heels, and Little Mermaid purses worn as backpacks are the height of fashion.
  • Prefers water over milk.
  • Makes a mess at every mealtime, and is seen cajoling the dog into eating her dinner so she can move promptly on to dessert.
  • Learned that asking for something before bedtime will prolong said bedtime.
  • Has kept the Facebook page going with the fascinating, albeit, ridiculous things she's said to me this year.
Her final quote before turning three: "I love flowers because I'm a lady."

As of now, we're suiting up for a trip to the toy store. If anyone needs a Spider Man or a Little Mermaid with working tail, please let me know and I'll grab a few of each.

Until Next Time, Readers!