Monday, July 22, 2013

If You Give An Author A Cookie

"Your house is cleaner than mine and these drapes are whimsical and thought provoking. I'm staying."

Morning Readers,

She may just follow you to your blog.

And when she follows you to your blog, she might crash on your couch.

And once she gets comfortable on your couch, she'll demand a blanket, the last installment of Harry Potter, and a warm brown sugar Pop Tart with cold 1% milk.

The milk will make her sleepy, so she'll ask that you read to her in dulcet tones.

The reading will make her fall asleep unless you really emphasize the last battle between Voldemort and Harry, make the sound magic does when it hits other magic, and scream, "Potter!" as loud as you can.

Depending on how loud you yelled that last part, she's now sitting up on the couch, finishing the Pop Tart and waiting for your interview questions.

Today I'm over visiting my lovely friend Martinis and Minivans and my other gorgeous friend The Mom of the Year. 

Martini invited me to sit in the Blogger's Studio.

Mom of the Year is giving away two of my books.

Both are fantastic.

That's right, I'm in two places at once, something that hasn't been done since that forgettable scene in A Walk to Remember. So come on by and see if they ever get me off their couches. It's doubtful. We're almost out of coffee at my house.

Until next Time, Readers!