Friday, February 14, 2014

Some Last Minute Thoughts

"This entire thing is filled with nougat. Because I care."
Afternoon Readers,

Just popping in today to send my love, but to also gently let you all down. Unfortunately, I ate all the chocolate I was going to send to each and every one of your homes.

My apologies. Self control is a special project of mine slated for 2015.

And now I'm off to coral the children, who ate all their candy at 7am and are now making marker masterpieces all over the coffee table.


Of course that's not all. In case you still need a card to print out for your love, I've scoured the internet for three of them you can use in a pinch. You're welcome.

And for the one you really love and/or want to scare the crap out of....

Happy Valentine's Day, Readers!