Monday, March 17, 2014


Marleen's Valentine's suit was the bee's knees, but Helen salivated at the thought of breaking out her full body green suit for St. Patrick's Day.

Morning Readers,

Just popping in today to peck out a quick hello. My computer's in the hospital, and as much as you're saying, "Please tell that long drawn-out story today, Paige," alas, I'll save that long, drawn-out story for tomorrow. I'd also like to mention that blogging from one's phone is a tedious art I don't think I can ever truly be a student of. I'd rather be a student of coffee and keyboards as big as a Volkswagen.
So, from this Irish/Scotch/Laptop-less mother, I say...

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Readers!


  1. I wish your computer a speedy recovery. Don't you feel kind of empty without it? I know I did when mine was hemmed up -- the Geek Squad had mine for a few days last week. Thank God I had our PC, which is only a few months old, to fall back on. There is no way in hell I could do anything but call, text, take a photo, or check e-mail on my phone -- and I'm liable to f-up one of those.

    I'm technologically challenged.

  2. Condolences for you computer and liquor bill.

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