Thursday, April 3, 2014

April Caption Contest

Morning Readers,

It's that time again.

Yes, I haven't been to the hairdresser for almost a year, so it's that time again too.

But we're not here to talk about my looks-slightly-better-than-seaweed roots. Nay, it's time for this month's caption contest. And now a quick rule briefing. Because a long rule briefing isn't even a briefing. *everyone nods in unison*

What's in it for you?

Nothing. Kidding. Wait, will you take nothing? I didn't think so because you're like me. OK, every month's winner gets a free paperback copy of At Least My Belly Hides My Cankles, and I'll even write out, in ink, the fact your a caption champion, on the inside.

I really wanted to give away a pony or ten thousand dollars every month, but we have a mortgage and the cars are always near death. You know how it is.


1.) Be awesome. But since you're here, I think we can check that off the list.

2.) Comment with as many captions as you like but try to keep it PG. This does not stand for "poached goats."

3.) Captions can be dialogue, commentary, headlines or whatever made you snort when you thought about it.

4.) No ripping on other people's captions. We love each other here. Hug a friend. Don't tear apart their carefully crafted imaginary headline, etc.

Oh my gosh, rules are exhausting. That was four whole sentences. Ok, get to it. This month's winner announced on April 28th!

Until Next Time, Readers!


  1. "Mrs. Anderson's banana breath had gotten so bad that none of the other dentists would see her."

  2. What's even more amazing is his formal training is in paediatrics.

  3. The Dentist had Nana's dentures in another room being cleaned, but while she was out, the Dentist's assistant had to see if "Nana" was short for BANANA.

  4. Monkey: "I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing."

  5. "You won't die ... not from that"

    here is another cool caption contest game:

  6. Mrs. Anderson experiences the new zoo exhibit in which Chimps display their ability to use simple tools. (Zoo not held liable for any bodily harm that may result.)

  7. I told you this would happen if you didn't share the banana.

  8. Good Morning;

    You are currently using my photo, found here:

    Could you please have the photo credited?


  9. Say "evolution isn't real" one... more... time!

  10. Too funny - did you realize this thing was supposed to go in your *mouth*? Don't worry, I wiped it off on my... oh wait, I'm not wearing pants.

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  12. Dr. Zaius's youngest son, aka the Disappointment.

  13. The evolution of dentistry

  14. Maude remained as still as possible. Dr. Bananas was a great dentist, but was known to throw poop if patients made sudden movements.

  15. Too late, Pauline realized exactly what her husband meant when he said the quality of the applicants for the local Dental College had gone down hill.

  16. Oh dear, replied Lois. Maybe I should get my annual exam done more frequently.

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