Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Naked Plumber.....and A Summer Jewelry Giveaway From Penny Jules!

"You don't understand, I have to diaper that baby." .... "It's too late, Suzanna. You'll never catch him now."

Morning Readers,

Who else watched Alec Baldwin and Anthony Hopkins battle a bear to the death in the forgettable film, The Edge, last night?

Didn't think so. (But I think it's only fair to give a nod to the bear, who gave an impassioned and convincing performance. I truly believed you wanted to eat people.)

Moving on to less disturbing things happening around the Split level...

Now that I'm rearing my third toddler, I can say, with all confidence, I've learned absolutely nothing. This is particularly sad because God gave me two toddlers to start with, and one would think I'd be a veritable arsenal of knowledge against the antics of the miniature assassin set. A treasure trove of defense.

Life, proving I'm not smart, one day at a time.

For, if I'd been retaining anything useful over the last four years, instead of eagerly watching the digital clock on the stove tick to seven pm so I could start hunting for the corkscrew, I wouldn't have been caught off guard by the following scenarios this week.

Scenario 1.

Me: Why are you plunging the toilet, naked?
Doc: Momma!
Me: Seriously though.
Doc: Potty. *continues plunging sans diaper*
Me: If you didn't flush your diaper, which seems like a possibility right now, would you run the main drain for free?

Scenario 2.

Me: How long have you been naked in the backyard?
Doc: ...
Me: I think it was too much time no matter how we look at it.

Scenario 3.

Me: That's the fiftieth diaper you've taken off today. This has got to st... Wait, where'd you go?
Sundance: He took off his diaper and ran that way.

So, there we are. The bad news is the chances of keeping the baby in his diaper are slim-to-none for summer 2014. (Plans involving packing tape, onsies made of iron, and possibly a full body wet suit are in the works.)

The good news? You don't have to be naked! At least from the neck up.

These beautiful pieces will help you not be naked.

My friend and avid reader of this here blog, Heather from Penny Jules, has generously offered to give one of you lucky peeps a gift certificate to her beautiful, fantastic, and I-want-to-buy-all-the-things shop. She's truly gifted and has an eye and skill for making the most beautiful pieces. (I've got some super cute earrings headed my way. And after the diaper debacle, you know it'll be the high point of the last seven days.)

So get crackin' and hit up the delightful Rafflecopter below.

I'm off to re-diaper the baby.

Until Next Time, Readers!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Two words: Duct Tape. Not from the Penny Jules shop, that would be silly, but for the diaper. From the shop, those feather shaped earrings hanging on the cup are adorable!

  2. my daughter was like that.. for someone who wanted take off you diaper a lot, she was decidedly hard to potty train!!

  3. I love the Gemstone and Copper pendant and the Lotus necklace. As for diapered ( or not) babies, here too! She drives me bonkers, especially her need to take her diaper off at night and provide work, via the laundry room and bathtub, in the morning.There's nothing quite like Parfum de' Urine in the a.m. Backwards sleepers work though and a onesie with good snaps.

  4. Laugh everytime I read a post! Time for undies? LoL!

  5. When I had four boys, ages five and under, duct tape was my friend for everything, including the one who could.not.leave his diaper on.

  6. Either overalls or potty training. :)

  7. Although it seems impossible to follow you (maybe i'm just missing it?) I'm glad I came over today. No worries Meaghan kept disappearing her diapers also when she was little. I'd look at her and see she had no diaper. and she would start running. Naked down the street.

    1. Hi Life Happens!

      First of all, what's with all the naked running that happens after you become a parent. No one warned me about that part. Right now, it's comprising about 85% of my day. Heaven help us all.

      Second, if you'd like to get posts by email, go ahead and shoot me your email address to and I'll hook you up. However, if you prefer to follow by something like Blog Lovin', and I have a sign up for that on the upper right hand of the screen as well.

      Facebook has been touch and go with showing my posts, but I share them there anyway when they go up. If you're a Twitter gal, I also share my links there too.

      Just let me know how I can help and thank you so much for stopping by today!...:)

  8. Naked children are inevitable, my kid is 8 and still tries to run around the house naked. All may be lost.

  9. Cannot narrow it down to just one thing--as you said, "her beautiful, fantastic, and I-want-to-buy-all-the-things". Love Penny Jules, love you. Thanks for doing this, ladies!

  10. I have no advice on how to keep your children clothed. My son came into the world naked, and has never wanted to be any other way.

    I want anything and everything from Penny Jules!

  11. I love all of her jewelry! But if I had to choose it would be either the Bee and Flower Necklace or the Love Bird Necklace. We're in the middle of potty training our three year old, so a lot of nudity happens around here lately. Just today he came bursting into the bathroom when I was getting dressed. He had no pants or underwear on and was claiming that he needed to pee in the potty right now! Except that he had just peed on the kitchen floor and left the wet clothes next to the puddle of evidence.

  12. No diaper flinging with this last one, but we did have one summer where we thought the neighbors were going to call the cops on us for two little nakey boys in the back yard. Sparkly things are always a good distraction!

  13. Hilarious! Naked and free, what could be better? Maybe a pair of sparkly jewelry would slow them down long enough to get their diaper back on?

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