Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Goodbye Grandma Lu

Afternoon Readers,

It's been a rough three days at the Split level. Not only have Husband and I resigned ourselves to fixing the drywall via Youtube tutorials, luck, and screaming, "It's already setting up. Why is it setting up? Here, whack it with a trowel.", but one of our favorite people in the world passed away yesterday. 

I've never written about Grandma Lu, but that's not because she wasn't a huge part of our life. Quite the contrary. Every week, I very generously took all three kids over to her house so they could take it apart.

I think she loved my thoughtfulness most of all.

From here on out, I'll desperately miss the Wednesdays we turned the kids and their cousins loose in her backyard and tried to gently explain why Sundance had ripped all the flowers off the bushes and the boys had flooded something with the hose again.

The loss of someone hits me pretty hard no matter what, but when it's someone who was so funny, kind, and selfless, it makes it a little harder. And because she even humored me in her last couple of days by laughing at my jokes, I'll say goodbye the way I know best. (And I know you can hear me now, so I'm really sorry I'm such a close talker.)

The Top Ten Things I Loved Best About Grandma Lu

10.) Baked goods. I don't think there was ever a time there weren't cookies, cakes, or coffee cake on your counter.

"Take a dozen cupcakes home." you said.
"Oh, I can't." 
"Here you go, honey."
"Can I have the cookies too?"

9.) "Oh, dear!"

Your adorable reaction to anything the kids did that was ridiculous. My reaction was to ship them to Antarctica, but you just said, "Oh dear!" and laughed.

8.) Your potato salad

Seriously, you made it with bacon. If Jesus didn't push you to the head of the line, I'd be shocked. And why I didn't write down the twenty-six easy steps you told me, I'll never know. Stupid Paige.

7.) Christmas

No one of Christmas past, present, or future will ever decorate for that holiday like you. Sparkly trees next to the bathtub? Yes, please.

6.) Ice cream

You always had ice cream for all the kids. The Pavlovian response to hearing you pull that box of cones from the freezer was impressive. I'm really sorry for all the times the kids accidentally drooled on you or the couch.

5.) Jewelry

Sundance inherited your love of flashy pieces.Thanks to you, that child will have some style. If it was left to me, she'd think a clean t-shirt and ratty flip flops are what's being rocked on the catwalks of Milan.

4.) Leopard print

Leopard print everything. I never entertained leopard print as a viable option for myself until I met you. The jury's still out on whether leopard print gets embarrassed when I wear it, but it's not like underwear is a risky fashion choice.

3.) You raised eight children.

And they're all great people. And you were still sane. And I only have three and they almost pushed me down the stairs the other day. (I'm saying this not only because I'm in awe of you but also because it's your job to pray for my well being and safety now. Seriously, the whole thing was really terrifying.)

2.) You were married for sixty years.

Sixty years! Husband and I are getting ready to round the five year mark and I'm ready to commission a statue to commemorate our little milestone. You and Pat better be kicking off an eternity of date nights and golf. That's all I have to say about that. 

1.) I loved the way you loved. And, oh dear, I'm really going to miss you.

Dedicated to Luella Doherty

Until Next Time, Readers!