Thursday, July 3, 2014

Salad, Sentiment, and An Eagle

Whoever wrote this captured how I feel about eating outside on holidays.

Afternoon Readers,

Happy Independence Day!

Ok, I know today's only the third, but tomorrow I'll be trying to fend kids off while I make a salad people may or may not like, so I'm dishing up patriotism ahead of schedule.

Wait. What?


Standard flag placed here to show I am indeed proud to be an American, even though I'm doing this post a day early.

Wow, she's really spacing out her sentences and putting graphics all over the place. Why do we read her blog? I really wish she'd put up a picture of an Eagle instead.

True, things seem a little sparse today, but it's only because I still have to grocery shop, clean, read softly to myself, and fake that I know what's for dinner.

Did I also mention the sketchy salad? Maybe I can think of something inspirational. Never mind. Here's a picture of an eagle.

Paige put me here because I'm freakin' majestic. Also, eat the tortellini salad because she's going to spend all day making it, and if you don't, I'll consider you a little less American. - Actual quote from Bald Eagle

So, from all of the Kellermans here, we wish you the happiest of 4th of Julys. Eat a lot. Relax. And try not to blow your hands off.

Oh, and if you want to listen to me babble about not lighting people on fire, check out yesterday's show. I'm the one making nervous hand gestures.

Until Next Time, Readers!