"Yay, I'm out of the house!"
Paige spent most of her formative years reading anything besides her school books. Meanwhile, her mother made her write five paragraph essays like it was her job. Eventually, she garnered enough knowledge to paste a transcript together on a Word document and sneak into college.

After a reluctant Dean handed her a degree in English, she managed to escape the claws of insurance underwriting, which were sucking her soul ever so slowly.
Paige found someone who felt sorry enough to marry her. Together, they made a child, that turned out to be two children. (Update: Two, new children have been added. Current child total: 4. Anytime a new child is added, so will a new update. So ends the update. ) Today, she spends her time writing funny stories, taking care of kids, mixing the perfect Gin and Tonic, and figuring out how to get people to stop calling her “That home schooled girl." She has published two books of  humor and is hard at work on another.

Things you should know:

"Wait, how'd I get out of the house? And why am I in Nature?"
- Paige hates Nature (She's made it a proper noun, here, because she dislikes it that much.)
-  She loves her kids more than she implies.
- Nightcaps are how she generally defines her level of sophistication. Roughly translated, that's a 4 on a scale of clouds to hedgehogs.

- Paige reserves the right add to this list at any point. Any outside contributions should be sent to her inbox and accompanied by chocolate and/or gin. All other contributions will be considered..but not as seriously.

"Fine, I'll look cute. Wait.. It's Scary?"
 Thank you for visiting, dear Reader. Hopefully we'll be seeing a lot of each other. Because, you do want to hang out with me, don't you...don't you? That's what I thought. Well, it was nice while it lasted.