"When the infamous pink line appears on a pregnancy test, Paige Kellerman debates how to change her husband's life with her news. A frantic run to grab "a hundred more tests" later, she decides to just blurt it out. What follows is a funny, mad dash to the finish line where instead of a prize, two babies await the couple."  - Shirley You Jest! Book Awards

Paige is the kind of person who can make grocery shopping for toilet paper on the day your got fired, hilarious. Her jokes, quips, and stories about pregnancy made me giggle out loud. 
            - Ellie Ann, Author of Breaking Steele

 This is what you were working on all that time? - Husband

What's that you say? Where can you find a copy? You had a carrier pigeon but he retired? No worries!

Right this way for a lovely print version on Amazon.

If you'd love one for your Kindle, take my hand and jump over here.

And if you're a Nook owner, hop on over to Barnes and Noble here.

Fun Fact: Authors thrive on reviews like your carrier pigeon loves croutons. You're under absolutely no obligation, but if you love what you read and leave a review on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, please know you have my overwhelming gratitude and there's a chance I'll hug you if we meet in person.

Here's a clip of me wearing lots of makeup and talking about the book!


  1. I followed you over here from Abby Has Issues. Then I followed you to Amazon and bought your book for my Kindle. I'm hoping that if I read enough about other people's baby-having that by the time I get around to baby-having I'll have heard it all.

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